An extra set of hands – Hire a Virtual Assistant!

Almost on a daily basis, I’m contacted by stressed business owners, struggling to manage the complexities of running a small business, trying to juggle customers, conflicting schedules, events, marketing and social media (for many a whole new business world), as well as routine administration tasks not to mention family, full of play dates, doctor’s appointments, Pro D days, birthday parties, soccer practices……!

Does this sound stressful or more importantly – “Is this You?” Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the eye candy for a minute…..

Could you do with another set of hands – Yes, without a doubt! – but quite often the business simply can’t afford the cost of an employee; here’s a solution – hire a Virtual Assistant (VA).

A Virtual Assistant can help, whether it’s with a simple project such as creating a brochure or data mining, or on an ongoing basis, maybe to handle your Social Media or to be your Customer Service department; a VA will free up valuable time and allow you to focus on what you need to focus on. You pay only for the time spent on your project as agreed, no sick days, holidays, health benefits or tax headaches!

There are many VA’s, just look through your local classifieds; some offer regular administration assistance while others are specialized; experience, knowledge and skills are usually reflected in their hourly rates, which can vary between $15 through to $35 an hour.

Tip: it’s worth reviewing your business and determining where you need the most help before searching for a VA. That will allow you to find the better match for your unique requirements.

So, does the service of a VA appeal to you? What do you struggle with and what could you delegate? What would you love to get off your desk? Tell me, let’s see which piles of paper you can push over to me!

Have a peaceful evening!


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